10 May 2016

Rural traditional art in Morocco, from Tangier to Lagouira

From 10/05/2016 To 13/06/2016

Prestigia Anfa Real Estate Gallery

 Prestigia took the audience in a journey to the past to discover an exhibition focused on “Rural traditional art in Morocco, from Tangier to Lagouira”, a tribute to the cultural richness and the history of our local heritage.

The exhibition came to fruition thanks to the meticulous research and presentation by Mr. Khalid El Gharib and Mr. Paul Dahan, two collectors who are passionate about Morocco’s cultural richness and diversity. The result perfectly combines the scientific rigor an archeologist and the passionate and dreamy perspective of a collector. The exhibition allows us not only to dig deeper into the roots of our Moroccan identity but also project it onto our modern-day collective imagination.
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