About us

When we launched our luxury real estate brand Prestigia, we set a challenge of magnitude for ourselves: to build original and thoughtfully-purposed luxury homes that boast all essential amenities and deliver an outstanding value for the money.

Since 2009, we have crafted luxurious communities with your comfort in mind in some of the most-coveted cities in Morocco, including Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat and Fes, set in unique locations with stunning surroundings.

Prestigia, like its parent company Addoha Group, upholds its commitments to meet the needs of its clients, offering them premium quality for their primary or secondary home.

At Addoha Group, Prestigia’s parent company, we are committed more than ever to a quality mindset in every endeavor for the sole purpose of making our clients happy.

Buying a home from PRESTIGIA is more than buying a home; it’s a promise to live in a sanctuary where the entire family enjoys pure bliss.

Anass Sefrioui

President and CEO

Our values

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are the centerpiece of our endeavors. We strive to anticipate, imagine and transcend their needs to build them dream homes set in ideal communities. We work tirelessly to finetune our approach and methods to exceed their expectations.


At Prestigia, we are deeply committed to the highest standards of business practices. Our teams adhere to the strictest guidelines:
- We honor our commitments towards our clients
- We build relationships founded on trust and respect with our employees, our partners, our service providers and our community.
- We guarantee to our shareholders and clients an attractive return on their investment.


At Prestigia, we are on track with the latest innovations and offer our clients avant-garde and original properties in terms of design, layout, craftsmanship and choice of materials. Our properties are in sync with modern lifestyles and trends. Innovation doesn’t stop at what we build, it also encompasses our first-rate customer service, from purchase and beyond.


Our pursuit of excellence is the driving force behind what we do every day. Our teams pour their energy into improving their work to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Unique locations

Our communities are located in dream locations and sought-after addresses with greater accessibility and surrounding environments.

Our vision

We aspire to stay at the forefront of the high-end real estate market in Morocco.

Our mission

Our goal is to build original and thoughtfully-purposed luxury communities set in unique locations that boast essential amenities and deliver an outstanding value.

Unique communities

We don’t build homes; we build communities boasting all essential amenities and quality services to make your life more convenient and enjoyable. Live in luxurious settings where you can have fun and relax.

Innovative homes

We imagine and build avant-garde homes fit for modern lifestyles.

Premium quality

Quality-wise, we don’t make compromises. Our entire value chain, from design to after-sales service, is built on that very foundation. Our entire procedures have an ISO 9001 version 2008 certification: a prerequisite we fulfilled to ensure peace of mind for our clients and investors alike.

Unrivaled value for the money

Our properties offer a tremendous value for the money. The strategic locations and the outstanding quality of our communities guarantee price appreciation for our clients.